We believe that organizations have a need for better information on exchange-traded products, and it is our mission to make that information available.

  ETP Resources is a privately held, financial information services company founded in 2009.  The company provides detailed reference data on U.S.-listed exchange-traded products, including investment company units, trust-issued receipts, and other derivative security types.  We also offer consulting services to ETP issuers in the area of product development and to fiduciaries managing ETP investments.

  The data products offered by ETP Resources grew out of founder James Simpson’s experiences working in the American Stock Exchange’s ETF Marketplace, Amex Regulation and in managing the development of dozens of exchange-traded products. Using data stored in reference databases designed for stocks, or mutual funds, and that treated all exchange-traded products the same, proved problematic.

  ETP Resources ensures its data quality and accuracy through a collection process designed specifically for covering the ever-evolving exchange-traded products industry. With our state-of-the-art database layout, and proprietary data management application we have developed a resource that is the most accurate source of information on U.S.-listed ETPs available in the marketplace.

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